If you’re renovating you may be thinking about using a flatpack kitchen and if you’re handy with the tools this is a great way to save on budget. If you’re renovating on a budget you’ll like the idea of a flatpack solution, but worry it’s going to look like a flatpack kitchen.

Assembling the flatpack is a fairly straight-forward task as long as you’re good with following instructions! One of the good things about using a flatpack solution is that if you want to change things up in the future the carcass comes in standard sizes so changing out the fronts will be relatively easy. Here are some ideas I’ve used for clients when we’ve chosen the flatpack solution:  

  1. add a bulkhead – installing a proper bulkhead gives the kitchen a built-in look and no one is ever going to know it’s a flatpack. It also gives you option to include functional features like task lighting to shine down onto the bench.
  2. add custom hardware – a simple yet easy way to bring your own design style to the mix. 
  3. add a stone bench – if your budget allows a stone bench then do so as this will improve the overall look of the kitchen and take it from a flatpack to a custom design. Source this from a reputable local stonemason rather than sourcing it from the flatpack supplier to differentiate it from the typical flatpack solution. 
  4. add a custom splash back – I love to use the same stone I’ve used on the bench for the splash back to give a beautiful continuity to the design. A more cost effective solution is tiles and with so many beautiful choices you can really stamp your own design style here.
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