Renovation shows are fun to watch and make it look so easy! In reality, they rarely show the meticulous months of planning that goes into a renovation before the first hit of the hammer to start the demolition. Here’s a great list of questions to ask yourself before you renovate.

Understanding your budget and being realistic about it before you begin will give you the peace of mind you won’t get in over your head. When you’re thinking about your budget, consider if this number includes any design professionals you may need, such as an architect, engineer or designer, or whether you will add their costs on top of your budget. Engaging any of these could comprise anywhere from 10%+ of your overall spend.

Cost out your ideas before you begin. If you’ve had your eye on those spectacular tiles, make sure you know how much they’re going to cost you before you begin. Start your own cost schedule and input all your numbers to give you an overall understanding of what your design is going to cost. It’s better to make design changes before you’re in the thick of the renovation. Knowing what everything is going to cost will mean you can make changes that still fits your design style or aesthetic.

Will you DIY the design yourself or engage a professional? Many homeowners give great consideration as to who their builder will be, but they forget that once the builder starts, they are expecting answers to a mountain of questions. There are literally thousands of decisions to be made for the design to take shape. And one answer will often bring up another question that requires another answer. If you’re not ready for it, this is the point at which many homeowners start to panic. This is the overwhelming reality of renovating and the pain-point of many homeowners taking on the role of designer. If you’re not up for the stress, engage a professional interior designer.

Know the lead-times of every finish, fixture and fitting. Lead-times can impact your budget and renovation time frame so knowing how long something will take to get to you before you start will ensure your project runs smoothly. Tip: add the lead-time to your costing spreadsheet of each item so you know when to place your orders.

Are you going to live on-site or temporarily relocate? If you are going to live on-site during the renovation then it’s a sensible idea to pack up every non-essential item. Effectively, you’ll ‘move’ temporarily, even though you’re still living in your home. Whilst it’s a painful process to consider, it means that trades and contractors won’t have to work around anything and any furniture you’re retaining won’t get damaged.

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