Even in winter we dream of that beachside holiday apartment. The sun, the sand, the surf…oh take me there right now! Or maybe you dream of conquering that black diamond trail. Got your own holiday apartment? Here are my top 10 tips to a fool proof design for your own holiday apartment.


  1. Design the holiday apartment to suit the location. If you’re beachside, a ski chalet design style will give the wrong vibe for the activities most likely to take place.
  2. Rest and relaxation should be a high priority, after all it’s a holiday apartment! Choose furniture and soft furnishings that are comfortable and allow for easy downtime.
  3. Many apartments already use natural light to their best ability but also consider how you might want to block out the hot midday sun, keep the heat from the fireplace inside or make the apartment dark when sleeping. If you need to update or add to the current window treatments then do so. Using a double layer is ideal so you’ve got control for both day and night.
  4. For good long-term wear and tear consider using heavy residential or commercial grade flooring. If you can, use hard flooring throughout and if you need to soften things up add floor rugs instead of carpet.
  5. Stock the apartment with essentials. Think cooking, washing, cleaning, linens, towels and anything you’ll need for indoor/outdoor activities. No need to cart these things with you each and every time!
  6. Give storage a high priority in an apartment. If you’re looking to add extra storage without renovating adding a simple long boxed bench seat in the courtyard, balcony, porch or even the entry will serve as extra seating as well as bulky storage for things like surfboards, snowboards, fishing rods or beach umbrellas. Add a sturdy lock if its located outside and you’ll be able to store these without the need to transport them back and forth.
  7. Many holiday apartments will have simple shelving units in the kitchen so swapping these for pull-out baskets will free up a lot of wasted space. Leave the doors and just replace the shelves with pull-out baskets. Improving the internal workings of your kitchen cabinetry will give you that much needed extra storage for other items such as linens, towels or board games.
  8. Choose furniture that is hard-wearing, washable or easy to wipe clean. Removable washable covers are a great option as are stackable items. Make these work even harder by looking for items that incorporate storage. Obvious items like the TV cabinet provide great storage, but think beyond this. There are many sofas, chaises and ottoman options with built in storage that will make your apartment stay clean and your time spent there so much more enjoyable.
  9. Depending on the size of your apartment, you may consider including a sofa-bed for those unexpected or extra guests. Although these are only used infrequently, purchase one with a spring mattress rather than foam so that your guests wake up refreshed.
  10. If your apartment is in a warm climate install ceiling fans to ensure a comfortable, good nights sleep without the need to run the air-conditioning all night long. And if you’re in a cool climate, make sure you’ve stocked up on extra blankets!
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