bathroom renovations that fit your existing home.

If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to keep it within the style of the rest of your home you may want to think about using neutral materials or draw inspiration from existing materials or colours and bring those into the bathroom. However you do it, just keep in mind what’s already in the home and what element you’ll want to bring into the space.

Renovating just one space within a home can be fraught with design danger! What if the rest of the home feels outdated? What if you’ve renovated the kitchen already and you’re now getting to the bathroom? How do you make sure that this renovation is going to fit with the rest of the home and look good? Here are 3 ways to make sure your new renovation will flow through from the existing home with ease and design grace. 

Neutrals rock.
When it comes to choosing the base palette of colours and materials, neutrals will be your go-to. Combining natural materials with neutrals will keep the bathroom in style and ensure it doesn’t age too quickly. It’s also going to make it easier to fit within the rest of the existing home. This doesn’t mean you’re opting for a boring bathroom of plain white tiles. In fact, layering interest through textures or subtle patterns, created either through the type of tile you choose or the way in which it’s laid, will add character to the space. The same can be achieved by using a feature wall tile on one wall as well. You’ll want the grout to match quite closely with the tile colour to blend and provide texture rather than hard lines. When it comes to the basins and baths opt for those that are matt and textural rather than shiny.

Materials matter.
Choosing a stand-out or prominent material that already exists in the home and bringing that into the bathroom will help tie the renovation to the rest of the home. It can be used sparingly to reference the existing and provide a connection, or it can be used as a dominant feature to solidify the design intention.

Colour coordination.
Bringing a colour from the existing design into the bathroom is an easy way to tie the new with the old. This can be done in a simple straightforward way through tiles or paint, or in a more creative way such as through tapware, wallpapers or light fittings. If you don’t want to match in exactly with the existing, try using a similar hue to layer the colour so it’s not so obvious. If you’re drawing colour from your kitchen cabinetry, a good idea is to bring that colour into the vanity and other storage to create continuity.

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