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The fear of buying the wrong thing is real.
Decorate like a pro and get that pin-worthy home you’re dreaming of. 

The fear of buying the wrong thing is real!

Our workshop gives you the tools to identify your design style, express the feeling you want to set for your home through visual language and the confidence to shop without anxiety.

Decorate like a pro and get that Pin-worthy home you’re dreaming of. You can avoid making costly mistakes and you can shop for your home knowing you’re making good decisions. You can create a beautiful space that fits your design style and one that you’ll be happy to show off!

In this workshop Kathryn Trentini, from Multi-Award Winning Interior Design Studio, Trentini Design, shares her secrets on how to launch a successful home design project every single time.

who’s the workshop for?

Our workshop is perfect for home owners, just like you, who want to decorate or style their home with confidence. This means you want to make purchases that reflect your personality and fit the overall scheme of your home. You want to avoid making costly mistakes and you don’t want to put off decorating your home because you’re worried you’ll make the wrong decision. 

how long is the workshop?

Four live training sessions with Kathryn, held over four weeks, these one hour sessions are fast paced and jam packed with practical, hands-on learning. We meet at 7pm AEDST via Zoom to make it as easy as possible for those busy working during the daytime. Our next workshop starts 3 November 2020. Seats are limited!

what’s in the workshop?

Module One. Pinterest
In the first Module you’ll use Pinterest to help you identify your own aesthetic and design style. By the end of the session you’ll have collected at least 20 images that represents the feeling you’re wanting for your home.

Module Two. Canva
In the second Module you’ll learn how to use Canva to create a moodboard from around 10-12 of those images you’ve collected from Pinterest. Your moodboard visually represents the feeling you want in your home.

Module Three. Moodboard
In the third Module you’ll learn how to interpret the moodboard based on the Elements and Principles of Design. The moodboard tells you everything you are attracted to and makes shopping for your home so much more enjoyable, knowing you’re going to get it right!

Module Four. Let’s Go Shopping!
In the fourth Module you’ll bring everything together as you learn how to shop for furniture and decorative accessories that suits your own aesthetic and design style. You’ll shop with confidence and never regret another purchase again!

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Here’s what you get! And More…

Four one-hour live training sessions over four weeks. We meet at 7pm AEDST via Zoom.

Learn directly from Kathryn in an interactive and collaborative environment and get the benefit of learning from an experienced, practicing interior designer.

Homework tasks to complete ready for our next live training session.

Access to our Facebook group where you can continue to collaborate and support each other.

Opportunity to be in the weekly hot seat where Kathryn will answer your specific questions!

Limited to a maximum of 10 students so that you can get the most out of learning from an award winning interior designer.

Hello I’m Kathryn Trentini, owner and interior designer of Trentini Design, a multi-award winning Interior Design Studio located in the beautiful Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie.

Trentini Design’s passion for considered, functional, beautiful residential spaces and nurturing the human condition is manifest in every interior design project we undertake.

I created this workshop because the fear of buying the wrong thing is real!

The fear of buying the wrong thing is real and I know exactly what that feels like. Way back, before I’d studied to become an interior designer, before I’d graduated from design school, before I was a practicing interior design professional I’d purchased two armchairs and I thought I’d nailed it. When I got them home though, I realised, waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late I hadn’t nailed it. At all.

OMG the disappointment was beyond real. It was downright painful. It was so painful I wanted to hide them in the shed and pretend like I’d literally never bought them.

So I get it, the fear of buying the wrong thing is real!

I’ve loved interiors, renovations, decorating and pretty much anything to do with the home for a very long time now. I can’t lie though, when I first started out as an interior designer and a client asked ‘what would you do?’.

Oh gosh, the fear was real. What if I get it wrong!⁠

You see, here’s the thing. I got it wrong before I trained as an interior designer. I got it wrong in my own home. I completely understand the mind games of going back and forth and almost ripping your hair out trying to make a decision. Sometimes, I’d just freeze with fear and NOT make a decision and other times it felt like a game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Either way, these are both really crappy ways to make decisions on what sofa you should be buying.⁠

If you’re there right now, if you’re in that indecisive spot that’s really uncomfortable, then this workshop is perfect for you.

I wanted to break down the mystery surrounding design and decoration and to give you a really simple tool that you can use time and again. 

In this workshop we tap into your subconscious, and intuition, so you can build your own roadmap to the design that suits you. I’d love you to join me on this 4 week journey to discovering your own design style and aesthetic.

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, contact us via email.

Is this workshop accredited?

No, this workshop is not accredited. It is a practical, hands on workshop aimed at the design enthusiast.

What do I need to participate in this workshop?
You’ll need access to Pinterest, Canva and Zoom to participate fully in the workshop.

Pinterest account – sign up here.
Canva account – sign up here.
Zoom account – sign up here.

When is the workshop held?

Our next workshop series starts 3 November 2020. We meet for an hour a week at 7pm AEDST via Zoom.

How do I contact someone?

If you have any questions prior to or during enrolment you can email trentini@trentini.com.au or telephone Kathryn on 0438262095

t. 0438 262 095
e. trentini@trentini.com.au
Learn to decorate short course. Interior Design short course by Trentini Design

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