I’ve always had a thing for round tables. Mainly because it’s hard for that daily crap we accumulate to sit comfortably on it for any length of time. This is a great question that came in from Katherine Appleby about what type of rug she should use with her round dining table. 

As with all things interior design and decoration the answer depends on what else is happening in the space. Never an easy answer I know! One of the first things I look at is the location of the dining space in relation to the rest of the house. Keep in mind things like traffic flow, natural light, how the rug will impact on the visual clearances in the space and whether it will be competing with other key features or it’s the dominant feature.

Large Open Plan

If the dining table is part of a large open plan space and there is a good distance between the dining, living and kitchen areas then using the same shaped rug is a good idea to define both areas as well as provide continuity and harmony through symmetry. Generally, a rectangular shaped rug will give you a pleasing visual aesthetic. Plus they are easier to come by!

Small Open Plan

If the area is a smaller open plan space such as within an apartment and you are choosing to define the dining area then I like to use a round rug to achieve balance in the space. This will give you an organic fluidity and also contribute to supporting good traffic flow through the space. As an alternative a semi-circle looks fabulous jutting out from the dining to the living area for that big wow factor!

Separate dining space

If the dining space is separated either visually or physically then I feel confident using all different shaped rugs even with a round dining table. Really, there is no right or wrong here as long as you get the balance right with all of the elements at play. I will take into consideration the shape of the room, the natural light, what visual barriers exist, what physically barriers exist and of course the aesthetic we are trying to achieve.

Interestingly enough whilst I’ve used round tables in many projects, I’ve never installed a rug under one! I’d love to see how you’ve styled your round dining table!

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