Annandale House


Architecturally designed, with a central three-storey atrium, the Annandale House is truly a masterpiece in design. Set on a narrow 3.2m wide block running 150m down a steep sandstone slope this home is anything but tiny. 

Maintaining its brilliantly planned footprint, a complete update of every space was requested by the clients. Must-have’s included maximising storage, creating a sense of family and connectedness through design, maximising each areas’ ability to enable a multi-functioning environment and a no-fuss child friendly environment where muddy football boots can traipse the entire length of the home.

A multi-purpose studio includes a guest quarters, new bathroom, casual living space and home office improving functionality. Additional storage was added to bathrooms and laundry through creative planning. Excavation of existing previously unusable spaces resulted in a large additional dry storage pantry, cellar and workshop all without impacting the aesthetic through using hidden joinery.

Photography: Anthea Williamson.

Interior Design


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