guests feel at home with these creature comforts

As a seasoned traveller to family members homes I’ve learnt how to slot into my new temporary home with ease and little fuss. Packing the essentials often means I leave some of my creature comforts at home. Here are my top tips to creating that home away from home.

Your guests will feel so much more comfortable the easier you make it for them to slot right into your household routines. Being able to provide those small creature comforts is sure to help your guests feel at home.

Provide toiletries that your guests won’t necessarily travel with or are easily forgotten such as a wash cloth, toothbrush or hair ties.

Provide a pair of slippers and if you really want to go all out a bath robe. Decadence!

pillow spray is a lovely touch and gives a sense of comfort and ease. I like to change mine up depending on the seasons.

Always have a reading light available that’s not the overhead light. There’s nothing worse then waking up in the middle of the night in a room you’re not familiar with and fumbling for the light!

A good selection of reading materials of novels and magazines provides that extra touch to help your guests relax and feel right at home.

Bonus Tip: make sure your guests know where the coffee and tea making facilities are, they’ll appreciate it in the morning!

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