Trentini Design provides interior design and decoration services in the residential sector. With an emphasis on residential renovation, our extensive experience provides confidence to home owners and investors alike. Work with us in person or online.

Trentini Design is a multi-award winning interior design studio committed to delivering distinctly grounded contemporary interiors. We believe that equal parts creative flair and rigour create spaces of sophistication and ease. Meticulous and process driven, we delight in interior design projects in which materials, furniture, textiles and fittings fuse into a wholistic design. Grounded, spirited, with a touch of boldness, each interior is a reflection of who we are.

Trentini Design's process is explorative and collaborative. We're curious and inquisitive, and approach each design with singular vision. We are the thread through which are woven tradespeople, crafts people and artisans, who together help us create interiors with individuality.

We believe that each project is a unified expression of the studio and client's requirements. Our approach provides a singular vision, executed with precision planning and a dash of humour. Materiality and textural complexity compose a compelling story. Hard surfaces and impeccable joinery create a rigorous backdrop to layer furniture from contemporary creatives to provide the ultimate space: the timeless interior. Our design language instills emotion, clarity, and above all personality into every project.

Kathryn Trentini - Founder & Principal

Kathryn is an Australian Designer known for creating relaxed residential environments that speak to the Australian lifestyle. Inquisitive and grounded, her ability to delve deep into the subconscious results in interiors that reflect the deeply personal connection for those that inhabit the space. She believes a home provides more than shelter, it’s a support network that inspires expansion both emotionally and spiritually providing opportunity for growth and reflection. Member Design Institute of Australia. Member Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute.

Work with us on your next project in person, online or in one of our workshops. Australia wide and internationally. However you want to work with us, we've got a solution.

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