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I’m kathryn trentini.

Hello, I’m Kathryn Trentini, interior designer and owner of Trentini Design. As a designer and educator of interior design I believe that good design celebrates the people who live within the space. As a boutique interior design studio, we work collaboratively to meet the needs and requirements of each homeowner we work with. It takes skill and experience to create the perfect home to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle and to provide longevity in design.

I’ve been helping homeowners for the past eight years achieve their perfect homes through a holistic and comprehensive approach to interior design. As a designer living in the beautiful Lighthouse Beach area of Port Macquarie, I feel energised by the people I meet who are just as passionate as I am to create their own piece of paradise. 

6 things about me


Interior Design Educator.

I’ve been teaching the Diploma of Interior Design for the past 4 years and enjoy teaching my students the ins-and-outs of what it’s really like to be a designer.



I love all design and will put my hand up for any challenge where I get to use my creative brain. I’ve been involved in set design, web design, graphic design, office design, wedding design just to name a few! 


Dog Crazy.

I love having a dog in my life and I’m lucky to be the dog mum to a 10 year old Hungarian Vizsla.  If you follow me on instagram, you’ll have seen her pop up on my feed. She’s a special part of my life.



I’m lucky to live within coo-ee of Lighthouse Beach and you’ll find me here most days with my V. I love the sense of community being a dog owner brings and how it naturally breaks down social barriers.


Role Models.

Both of my grandmothers were extremely strong and independent humans with a beautiful, gentle empathy that encompassed their daily lives. I aspire to bring their energy into my daily life.


Girly Tomboy.

I love nothing more than to have my nails done only to pick up a drill and install a hanging rack in the laundry. Satisfaction in completing a task, and doing it well, is motivation enough for me.

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I'm always looking for new ways to break down the language barriers that exists around the design world. Without the right language, it's really easy to become overwhelmed and shy away from lack of understanding. I want more of us to be able to experience the daily joys design brings to my life. I do this by sharing my own learnings, my knowledge and my experiences so that everyone can have a beautiful home. It's not just about the aesthetic beauty, it's also about the spiritual and emotional beauty that can exist in our homes. 

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