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Do a quick google search ‘interior design trends 2020’ and you’re bombarded with information. Filtering through the forecasts of what’s IN and what’s OUT I’ve picked five of my favourite trends for 2020. Let’s take a look!

I admit, I cringe whenever the word ‘trend’ is mentioned because I just don’t design to trends. I design for my clients, how they live now and how they’ll live in the future. That’s not to say that trends don’t appear in my designs, it just seems to happen when it’s not on trend. As you’ll see, each of these interior design trends of 2020 has appeared in at least one of a Trentini Design project. I advocate that if you love it now, you’ll always love it. Design to what you love not what’s on trend.

Arches and Curves.
Pretty much any article, post or tweet mentions arches and curves are going to be big in 2020. The use of these will be seen in both the built environment and through furniture. Using curves in a very linear space can provide a softness that inspires tranquility and calm. Last year we designed a custom entertainment and storage unit for the Balgownie House and used curves to provide a softness that allows the piece to blend into its environment. 

Fat Furniture.
Yes, it’s a thing! Apparently fat furniture is going to be a thing in 2020. OMG the name, fat furniture! I love it and feel like I want to hug someone!  Check out the sofa in the Balgownie House for a perfect example of fat furniture.

Two-Toned Kitchens.
According to Forbes we’re going to be seeing more two-toned kitchens as we move through 2020. I was lucky enough that in 2014 the owners of the Annandale House were willing to use both timber and a gorgeous matt white in their kitchen and it looks as stunning today as it did the day we installed it.

Built-in Seating.
Dwell states we’re going to be seeing a lot more built-in seating. I say yeehaa, finally! I know I bang on about built-in seating particularly for small spaces or areas where you need to improve traffic flow, and with good reason! Last year I was thrilled to install a gorgeous leather banquette seat to a beautiful dining space to improve clearances and traffic flow and it works a treat. The humble built-in seating is finally getting its day in the sunshine!

The New Neutrals.
Apparently natural colours are going to be the new neutrals in 2020 – think beige, stone, warm browns. Way back in 2015 when beige was considered a dirty word and only crisp whites would do, I was lucky enough to work with clients who loved the idea of using a greige in their home and they still rave about the colour today! I would go a little further on this trend and add eucalyptus and other muted greens to the mix. Here’s hoping the muted tones of our landscape is what will come through

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