If you’re wanting to learn to decorate then you just can’t go past Pinterest! You can find just about anything on Pinterest and it’s a really great place to find inspiration for decorating, styling, building or doing a home renovation. I’m going to share with you how I use Pinterest and why it’s the perfect place to work out what your own design style is.

If you already know what your design style is then Pinterest is really effective for nutting out those finer details of your project. If you don’t know what your design style is Pinterest can be mind-boggling. And when there’s an overwhelming amount of spaces and rooms that you like, how are you meant to know which one is going to suit your home? If you’re just starting out and have no idea what your aesthetic or design style is then this is the perfect guide to get you started.

One. Getting Started.
Before we begin make sure you’ve already created your Pinterest account. It’s free and easy to set up in a couple of minutes. Once you’re all set up it’s time to start searching. Create a single board for your entire project, even if you’re working on more than one room. You’re going to start out on Pinterest quite broadly and work your way into a narrowed focus.

Two. Searching Pinterest
Use broad search terms as a starting point so you get a good cross-section of images appearing on your feed. A natural starting point is to look at interiors and one of my favourites is Modern Australian Interior. It will give you an excellent cross-section of spaces designed by Australians for our lifestyle. You can easily use this approach if you’re located elsewhere!

The more variety you are exposed to, the easier it is to eliminate design styles that you don’t like and the easier it is to identify those that you do. There is no right or wrong way to search for images on Pinterest so settle in and have some fun.

Take your time with this process and trust that your intuition will tell you when it’s time to stop. It varies for everyone so there’s no hard and fast rules here. For some, it can take a couple of hours whilst for others this process can take a few weeks.

Three. Get creative.
Remember when we said earlier that broad search terms are a great way to start out? Well, broad interests will serve the same purpose. In other words, you’re going to want to search for things other than interiors. Sounds odd, but I want you to trust the process and just go with it!

Look for things that you already have an interest in like your hobbies, fashion, cooking, holidays or nature. By using things that you are already familiar with, you instinctively understand the feeling it gives you. It’s this feeling that you want to tap into – whether its a feeling of excitement, relaxation or nurturing these are the feelings that you are attracted to and will naturally want in your home.

Or, you can look for things that are aspirational. Countries you’d love to live in, that holiday home you’d love to own, travel destinations that are on the bucket list, that puppy you’ve always wanted, that cooking class you’ve dreamt of doing, that trek you’re training for, or that yoga retreat you’ve dreamt of taking. Remember, it’s the feeling you want to tap into!

Learn to Decorate Workshop Series

Our Learn to Decorate Workshop Series is taking enrolments!

Would you love to go shopping and know that you’re buying the right things for your home? You can create a beautiful space that fits your design style and one that you’ll be happy to show off.

In this interactive Workshop Series, Kathryn Trentini, from Multi Award Winning Interior Design Studio Trentini Design shares her secrets on how to launch a successful home design project every single time.

A moodboard is a visual representation of your personal aesthetic and design style. At a subconscious level you already know what you’re attracted to.

This Workshop Series will show you how to draw that information out of yourself and the skills to interpret your moodboard in a way that makes sense to you. By the end of this Workshop Series, you’ll have a deep understanding of how you want to decorate your home as well as a roadmap you can use whenever you go shopping!

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