How to create wellness in your home

Our homes are one of the strongest support systems for our busy lives, yet quite often they’re not given the attention they deserve. Our homes should be sanctuaries from the chaos that exists outside, a retreat that reflects our journey through life.

If you’ve got a home full of healthy prompts you’re more likely to integrate these into your daily routine. These triggers have a huge impact on your physical self. Homes that are messy, untidy, unkempt environments, you’re more likely to suffer from asthma, allergies, stress and depression.  I’ve pulled together some tips on how you can transform your home into a wellness sanctuary.

Natural Light
Opening up your curtain and blinds first thing in the morning and allowing natural light and fresh air into the home is a great way to start the day. Natural light is strongly linked to energy, mood, sleep and overall quality of life, whilst a lack of natural light is implicated in insomnia, irritability, distraction and depression. Not all homes will have access to loads of natural light so make sure you find that spot where natural light streams in to retreat to.

Morning routine
To me, it’s a no-brainer to make the bed every morning, so I’m always surprised to hear that not everyone does this. Admittedly, I had a mum that had a sixth sense for unmade beds but this routine has set me up for a clear process to happen to start the day. As a little bonus to myself I use a pillow spray as I leave the room. It’s divine to lay down that night with the faintest scent lingering on the pillows.

Night time routine
As with the morning, closing down the home and creating a warm comfortable environment is important to help you wind down for the evening. Closing the curtains or blinds and turning on low mood lighting will create an environment to ready you for sleep. Only use task lighting where necessary, such as when cooking so you’re not interrupting your natural circadian rhythm. 

Chill out zone
I’ve written before ways in which you can carve out a me time space in your home. Check out this article. These spaces are designed to help you create a calm and soothing environment and can prompt meditation, gentle stretching, yoga practices or even journalling that will help you improve your overall health and wellness.

Work environments
With a lot of us working from home it’s an ideal time to look at not only where you’re working but how you’re working as well. Set yourself up for success by carving out a routine that suits you and your work life. Take advantage of the fact you could step outside and soak up the winter sun for 10 minutes while enjoying a coffee. Being in charge of your own domain gives you freedom to burn that favourite scent or play the song list that you like without interrupting anyone else. Tidy your workspace at the end of every day and wipe it down if you want to add that extra special touch. 

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