How to carve out a me time corner

Carving out a space within your home for you to take 5 minutes for yourself is completely doable and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a permanent set up either.

When I was in my early 30’s I remember I lost my mobile on the way home from a night out. I probably left it in a cab. Those first few hours the next morning when I was desperately searching for my phone I could feel my blood pressure rising and anxiety levels were ridiculously high. Once I accepted the fact that I’d lost the phone, not misplaced it as I’d hoped – I checked that handbag about a billion times, like it was miraculously going to appear! To be honest the next few days without a phone were completely liberating, as though I’d gone back to the time as a kid when time meant nothing, when the day was unscheduled with the freedom to be bored. Although I did go on to get a new phone, that experience really resonated with me. It showed me I could live a quieter, less hurried life.  And I wanted to live that way, I really did. I revisited those few days in my mind over and over so that I could remember those feelings. But life can drag you back in the tiniest steps, through the most subtle of moves that it’s hard to notice things are changing. 

 By the time March 2020 came around, I lived with a deep seated anxiety that somehow I wasn’t doing ‘life’ properly. I’d ask someone ‘how are you?’ and invariably they’d answer with a big sigh, ‘busy’. It seemed that everyone was busy, every minute of their lives scheduled, and somehow that was a completely acceptable state of being. If you weren’t busy then somehow you were doing life in the wrong way. I constantly had this feeling that I was somehow out of sync with the rest of the world. That I was a misfit in this era of the hyper paced life, where no one ever had enough time to do everything that they needed to do. Busy, busy, busy. Time, time, time. Not enough of it. Always searching for more time, constantly busy. If I wasn’t doing something, meeting someone, achieving something, travelling somewhere I would get left behind in life, and quite frankly, be a big fat failure. Living with a persistent low level anxiety that somehow I was fucking this up did not sit well with me. Although I tried desperately to resist, it got so crazy that I would work 18 hour days for 6 weeks straight and end up like a hamster on the wheel that as long as I was ‘busy’ everything would be OK. If I had a day off, shock horror, then I’d beat myself up because I’d done nothing that day. If I wasn’t busy then I was failing. And yet, I’d push back, determined to walk through life at a slow pace rather than rushing to the finish line. It’s hard work to go against the expectations of the rat race! It’s been interesting, listening to so many others who’ve taken advantage of the forced rest provided by COVID-19, and how they don’t want things to go back to ‘normal’. It’s nice to know I’m not in this on my own and there are so many others who want a less hurried life, just like I do.

 Carving out a space within your home for you to take 5 minutes for yourself is completely doable and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a permanent set up either.

Reading Nook

Set up a cozy corner where you can dive into that next book with an armchair and footstool for comfort near natural light for reading by day. Make sure you’ve got a good lamp for reading at night or in low light, a side table for your beverage, and have a throw rug handy for those colder days and nights.

Napping Sunroom

Many homes across Australia have enclosed sunrooms that make a perfect spot to nap in the afternoons. Set up a daybed for maximum warmth, add lots of comfy cushions along with a throw rug and the afternoon siesta beckons. Add lots of greenery for air purification and a side table to keep magazines or books for those times when you’re not feeling sleepy.

Meditation/Yoga Corner

If you’re wanting to meditate more, earmark a corner in your home as the meditation zone. Clear out the clutter, add some floor cushions and a spot to store a mat and you’re all set up ready to meditate. This can easily be converted into a yoga practice space as well by moving the floor cushions out of the way and rolling out your yoga mat. Two for the price of one!

Window Seat

Ahhhh the window seat. Positioned to take in a view, the window seat by its nature beckons you to relax. Grab a good book, listen to music, or just let your mind wander and enjoy the down time.

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