Creating a relaxing home doesn’t have to be hard. There is no meditation involved, no must-have scented candles, no tips on how to display your fresh flowers.  Use these simple ideas to create your own haven and embrace a calm, easy way of living for you and your family. 

Creating a relaxing home environment has been tough for me during the last several years with so many moves involved I had no time to understand and appreciate my environment. However, this was the perfect time to understand that when I did set down some roots I would know exactly what it was that would create my perfect relaxing home environment. Sorry, I’m not going to tell you about the best scented candles or how to display your fresh cut roses but this is all about using your environment to the best of its ability. And if you’ve done the hard work and renovated or built a new home you’re going to want to enjoy it to its fullest potential and keep it looking at its best most of the time.


Often the last thing anyone thinks about, but in my opinion lighting should be one of the first! Having the right types of lighting is essential to create a fabulously relaxed home environment. Installing good mood lighting will help create the atmosphere you want for all occasions and you’ll steer clear of the ‘ugly lights at the end of a big night’ look. Turning off those task lights that you don’t need will quickly create the right vibe for relaxing.

Clean up before you go to bed

Yes, this is a simple and often-stated habit to get into yet one that can be hard to keep, especially with our ever-busy lifestyles. The benefits to creating and maintaining a relaxing home are amazing and you’ll thank yourself the next morning when you head into the kitchen to make that first cup of tea. Likewise, make your bed every morning. It’s at least one small accomplishment for the day and for some reason it feels better when you fall in at night.

Spring clean all year round

Don’t wait for the ‘spring clean’ urge to hit only to realise there is so much cleaning to get done. Breaking this up on a rotating system will help maintain your beautiful home all year round. Concentrate on one area of the home for the week, say the kitchen, and take 15 minutes each day to clean one area. Wipe down the cabinet doors one day, clean out the fridge the next day and so on. By the end of the week your kitchen will look and feel all sparkly and clean!


No matter what your living circumstances, whether you’ve renovated, built a new home, renting, living in a crappy apartment or in the midst of a renovation (OK I’ll let that last one slide!) de-cluttering can result in cultivating new habits to create that relaxing home environment you’ve been looking for. If you have exactly what you need then everything will always have a place. When everything has a place its easier to tidy up, reduces stress and means you can get on the with the joys of relaxing. Having said that always allow for some mess, you’re human after all!

Bring nature indoors

A great way to easily create a relaxing home, the power of nature to ground, relax and instil calm is awesome. Whether this is fresh flowers, planters, herbs, or if you’re not a green thumb the power of fake, can all create a relaxing home.  If you live on your own this is probably even more important! Just knowing there is something else living and breathing the same oxygen as you can bring comfort.

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