Like every interior designer, I have my go-to favourite neutral paint colours that work in a variety of settings that I think you’ll find useful in cutting down the decision making process. Here, I’m sharing my top five neutral paint colours to give you a head start in choosing your own.

Picking a neutral paint colour seems to be one of the most discussed topics on any Facebook Group I’m a member of. Everyone wants to know what’s the perfect white. It’s interesting how quickly home owners are to jump in with their recommendations. They have learnt from their own mistakes and experiences what’s worked for them and what hasn’t turned out as well as they’d expected. They want to share this knowledge with fellow home enthusiasts, to save them from making the same mistakes that they made choosing the perfect neutral and that’s admirable. What home enthusiasts sometimes don’t understand is that these experiences are perfectly valid for their own set of circumstances. As long as you live in the same climate with the same amount of natural light and weather conditions, with the same finishes being used in the exact same way then the knowledge they are passing on is entirely valid. Come on though, what two homes are exactly alike? There are so many variables to choosing the perfect neutral or white paint colour for your home and these all need to be taken into account. From the surfaces you’re working with, the other finishes that will be used in the space, to the amount of natural light and furniture choices will all impact the final outcome.

With that said, as an interior designer I have my go-to favourite neutral paint colours that work in a variety of settings that I think you’ll find useful in cutting down the decision making process. I have no affiliation with any brands I’ve recommended here, nor is this a paid endorsement. These are purely my own favourite neutrals that I wanted to share with you!

My all time favourite white is Dulux Whisper White. This little beauty has a high LRV which means that it adapts to the amount of natural light available and creates a comfortable and beautifully organic energy that the rest of the space can feed off. This is a wonderful stand alone colour and steps up to the plate without any other elements required to balance it out.

Dulux Beige Royal. Whether it’s full, half or quarter strength, this is a beautiful neutral colour that works for a variety of design styles and with it’s LRV at 61 its adaptability to light makes this a winner. Used on the exterior it’s much brighter than when it’s used on the interior, but works brilliantly in both settings. Like Whisper White, Beige Royal is a great stand alone colour as well as a feature colour within a space.

Dulux Manorburn is a very soft grey with cooler undertones perfect for bathrooms, warmer climates and rooms with an abundance of natural light. With a relatively high LRV I tend to use this colour with other bold design choices, such as wallpaper, to complement the colour and balance the cool undertones. It’s also the perfect trim colour when you’re wanting to accentuate darker colours.

If you’re after an organic look and feel to the space, then Murobond Raw Earth 25% is high on the recommendation list. Depending on the surface you’re working with and the type of product you’ll be adding this colour to, you can enjoy subtle textural elements right through to a bold statement. This range of products and colour itself is perfect for those who want high impact through texture with a comfortable and minimalist vibe.

For a colour that sits within the greige colour range Murobond Nomad 25% is a beautiful example of a colour that can help with transitional interiors. A mix between grey and beige, this colour helps your interior float between the two and reduces the limitations some may feel in making a decision. In other words, it’s a great colour for those fence sitters out there.

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