5 steps to designing your living room. And how you can customise to create your dream home.

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Learn the secrets to planning your room, how to pick the right paint colours, tips on choosing the right furniture, plus more.

Kathryn Trentini, from Multi-Award Winning Interior Design Studio, Trentini Design, shares the five steps to designing your living room.

In 2009 I embarked on a renovation project that changed the course of my life forever. During that first project, I was working mainly from intuition. I wasn’t aware how I was building in functionality, how I was accommodating clearances, how I was designing the space and arranging the furniture to create good traffic flow. It just seemed to make sense and I went with it.

I think my experiences of living in a home that was so poorly designed impacted me more than I understood. The way I was designing, I understand now, was placing emphasis on the functionality of the space whilst layering the aesthetic. Again, intuition was leading me here. I just knew I didn’t want these homes to end up like that crappy one I lived in for all of those years! And one of the reasons why I trained as an interior designer.

Fast forward 10 years, my interior design studio has gone from strength to strength. As a multi-award winning interior designer, I’m just as passionate about interior design now as I was back then. I’m on a mission to share my passion with as many people as I can, whether you’re a home owner or renting you’ll find this interior design guide valuable for your interior design journey.

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Learn to decorate short course. Interior Design short course by Trentini Design

3 step guide to buying the right furniture.

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