Cutting the clutter from the kitchen bench, the dining table, the study or anywhere else we tend to accumulate stuff can be liberating! Improving storage throughout the home bring a sense of order and having a calming effect on your life and those around you. 

Lack of storage is one of the biggest problems most of my clients ask me to rectify. De-cluttering will definitely help you clear out some of the burden but often the right storage is never in the right place.

I’ve found there are four key criteria that should be considered when working out your own unique storage needs. Long-term storage, short-term storage, small item storage and bulk storage. Each has its own unique purposes and so catering for all four will result in the right storage for your home.

Although these terms are fairly self-explanatory I’ll go through them anyhow. Long-term storage would be items you put away for a certain period of time such as winter/summer clothing, or, items you may not use that often like the cake mixer. Short-term storage are those items you’ll access daily or weekly like skincare products, the vacuum cleaner or clothing. Small item storage can be either long-term, such as AAA batteries or long-term like your Nana’s jewellery. Likewise bulk storage can be either long-term, such as skiing gear, or short-term like toilet paper.

Nothing is ever straightforward with interior designers is it!

Once you’ve worked out what types of storage you need and where it needs to be then you can tackle the problem of how to get the right storage in the space. Once you’ve de-cluttered and before you head out and grab a stack of plastic containers or baskets look at what you already have in the space that is built in. The kitchen is a great place to start. If your kitchen cabinets have a simple shelving system then consider installing pull-out baskets. These can be retrofitted and will improve storage immediately. Follow these same principles in your other spaces, modifying and adapting to meet your needs.

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