Family get togethers can be as small as a shared meal or it can be a special occasion such as a naming ceremony or wedding. And if you’ve put your hand up to host the family get together then here’s some ideas on creating just the right environment for you and your guests.

Remove valuables – no, not because you’ve got a petty thief in the midst! The idea behind removing valuables is because little ones, and even pets, can be somewhat unpredictable in their actions so remove the accident before it even happens. Little hands and wagging tails will be grateful they weren’t the centre of attention for the wrong reasons!

Lighting – if your gathering is taking place at night think about how you’ll set the mood with the right type of lighting. Soft, low lighting is conducive to fostering good conversation and will help your guests relax. As luck would have it, I’ve written a blog post on the different types of lighting here.

Centrepiece – think about your table centerpiece and opt for something low so that conversation and line of sight isn’t interrupted. Get creative with the centrepiece and think outside the box – I love a good mix of flora and trinkets ‘cause I’ve got a slight quirkiness in my DNA. If the lighting you have available isn’t setting the right mood then consider placing candles as part of the centrepiece.

Table coverings – table cloths can really save the day especially if the gathering is large and you’ve resorted to trestle tables! They’ll give you a cohesive look without breaking the bank. 

Seating – if you’ve opted for an informal gathering think about where guests are going to seat themselves while grabbing a bite to eat. Guests are really just looking for a flat solid surface to rest their plate of food on so having a stash of stackable stools is always handy and can be picked up relatively cheap at large retail stores like Ikea. And when the eating’s done they can be packed away in the corner to make space for great conversation!

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