Last week on Facebook I was challenged to pick one followers’ worst room each day and redesign it for them. My aim with this challenge was to shift focus from the depressing coronavirus news cycle and to bring a little joy back into our home!

Day One.
Tammie is from Wagga Wagga and she sent in pictures of her entry way. While it wasn’t the worst room in the house Tammie wanted it to be modern, soft and inviting. The entry as it stands already has a modern feel to it with its square set bulkhead but it needs some personality injected into it. Given it’s symmetry and linear lines adding a hint of curves and softly muted colour will bring that soft and inviting feel Tammie is after while the flat-pack cabinetry will add functionality and purpose as well as bring a modern context to the space. And it’s the oversized artwork that is going to give that wow factor Tammie is after. Hope you enjoy these design ideas Tammie and I can’t wait to see how your new entry turns out! What do you think?

Day Two.
Linda sent me pictures of her guest room that was recently vacated by her son and is now somewhat of a storage space while renovations are taking place elsewhere. Once the room is decluttered and cleared out a gorgeous guest room and library can reveal itself. This is a room that as a home owner you can have a lot of fun with! The room as it stands now has mismatch furniture, window treatments and wall finishes.

A cohesive space can be achieved through simplifying the furniture choices and installing window treatments that are consistent in colour. Retaining the bookcases and bed we can introduce earthy tones of sand, clay, honey and red to build on the base of dark timber and inject strength and boldness to the space through colour and shape. Install window treatments that are singular in colour to provide consistency and allow the eye to float over them. White would be my suggestion to compliment the existing wall colour. Indicating the rooms dual purpose, the armchair provides context whilst the area rug creates warmth and comfort for both home owner and guest. Playful shapes and bold colours give the room character and a lightness in mood to counter its repurposed state and low ceiling. I hope you enjoy these design ideas Linda and I can’t wait to see how your new guest room turns out!

Day Three.
Mark sent me pictures of his spare room that had turned into somewhat of a storage facility. The room is a walk-thru space meaning traffic flows through it making it a little more difficult to arrange the furniture. However, it’s the lack of purpose that is creating chaos both visually and functionally. Once the room is organised, a comfortable extra living space or guest room can be achieved.

Organisation is critical in this space and the existing built-in wardrobe can be utilised to create a clean and useable space. Installing extra shelving to the hanging space area will assist in keeping the room neat and tidy. To bring personality to the room a Southwest Native American area rug can be wall hung whilst the throw cushions will compliment the existing dark grey sofa bed. The addition of the armchair and footrest along with the floor lamp adds purpose and turns this spare room into a comfortable second living space.

First up, Mark needs to get in and clean out what’s not needed and look at shelving the hanging space to make this room functional for how he wants to use it and the rest of the space will reveal itself as a beautiful extra living area/guest room.

Day Four.
Sammy sent me pictures of his master bedroom that while in pretty good condition with a really fantastic layout the furniture was dated and it was in need of some TLC. An understated luxury is achieved through the restrained colour selection and thoughtful material choices. Repetition of curved shapes adds a cohesive flow to the design while the combination of textures adds comfort and a relaxed vibe to the room.

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I'm always looking for new ways to break down the language barriers that exists around the design world. Without the right language, it's really easy to become overwhelmed and shy away from lack of understanding. I want more of us to be able to experience the daily joys design brings to my life. I do this by sharing my own learnings, my knowledge and my experiences so that everyone can have a beautiful home. It's not just about the aesthetic beauty, it's also about the spiritual and emotional beauty that can exist in our homes. 

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