christmas gift ideas 2020

I’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas and Holiday Gift ideas for 2020. For the skin lover, plant lover, pet lover and everything in between I’m sharing with you some marvellous gifts, with most of them Australian made so you can show your support and shop local. How cool is that!

This year I’ve continued my journey to remove old ways that hold me back and weave new ways that support a more conscious way of living. It’s a process, and one that I fully expect to be on for the rest of my life. I’m a doer, so I love to try new products and understand the ways in which they’re going to support me. Needless to say, there’s a lot of hit and miss in this process and sometimes it drives me seriously crazy! I’m stoked to offer this list of Christmas and Holiday Gift ideas that you can use for your loved ones in 2020.   


for the sports lover

The LARQ purifying water bottle is my go-to for water purifying on the go. I have a very sensitive tummy when it comes to water and had resorted to single use bottles. In the last few years, I’ve consciously been converting to environmentally and well-being products that supports my way of life. So, to use single use bottles was really grating on my nerves and an issue that needed to be fixed. Quickly! I researched long and hard for the perfect water bottle to replace the single use bottles and the LARQ water bottle ticks all the boxes for me.  The LARQ is more than a water bottle. It self-cleans every 2 hours so neither the water nor the bottle ends up smelling like crap. It neutralises bacteria and viruses using UV-C light meaning I can use water from any tap and know that it’s not going to upset my tummy. Massive bonus right there! Visit LARQ for more information and visit here to buy in Australia.


for the skin lover

The Rationale skincare range was introduced to me this year by my sister. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’d heard her bang on about this product line for years and years and years but I’d never taken any notice of her until my skin just went bonkers earlier this year. I would say it was the worst I had ever seen it. Something twigged one day, don’t ask me what, but I decided to jump online and purchase the cleanser. Now, this is a premium skincare range as far as I’m concerned with a premium pricetag so I was bitterly disappointed when it kinda worked but not as good as I was hoping for. On a visit to Sydney I went with my sister to one of their skincare clinics and happened to mention that the cleanser didn’t feel as though it was cleaning my skin. On reflection, it was a real rooky question because NOW I get that this range of products needs explaining from the professionals in order to get the most benefit out of them. Lesson learnt – visit, call or zoom to get the best advice on how to use the product properly! I can see the benefits of long term committment to these products because my sister’s skin is translucent, hydrated and just utterly beautiful. I love, love, love that their HQ is located in Melbourne so it ticks the box for me when supporting Australian business! But, don’t ask me all the ins and outs or the science behind Rationale, I’d recommend exploring the brand yourself here


for the chocolate lover

Loco Love is seriously the best chocolate I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Yet, it’s kinda beyond the chocolate experience for me, it’s more about weaving high-vibes into health consciousness through the beauty that is chocolate. This is a chocolate that deserves a ritual and one that shouldn’t be hurriedly stuffed in the mouth. Once you try these chocolates, you won’t be thinking I’m such a whacko. My perfect experience is to cut in half, place on a delicate side dish and pair with a coffee or a hot cacao. I first came across Loco Love because I was researching medicinal mushrooms and when I saw the combination I almost fell off the sofa. My astrology sign is Libra and when it comes to choosing what chocolate to add to cart, I possess the inability to make this decision easily, so I always go for the Lover’s Box. I love the little dried petals, nuts and other tiny decorations they sprinkle over each chocolate, just one more detail that sings to my designer heart! Another tick from me ’cause Loco Love is made in Byron Bay. Find out more about Loco Love here.


for the art lover

So, this one for me is on my personal wish list. Contemporary Indigenous artist, Lauren, from Freestone Art just grabs at my heart and I fell in love with her paintings the minute I spotted her work on Instagram. I love the stories behind each piece, the palette she uses and the composition she weaves onto the canvas. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve literally read every single word on her website to better understand her as an artist. Not uncommon for me but does sound odd to a lot of peeps. I’d be honoured to have one of her pieces hanging in my home one day, it’s just a matter of time! To find out more about Freestone Art visit Lauren’s website here


for the wellness lover

OMG the Retreat Yourself Box is seriously one of the coolest gifts you could ever bestow on a loved one. Or, you could just gift it to yourself! The Retreat Yourself Box is a seasonal box full of natural and organic products that are aimed at supporting your well-being for the season ahead. I really love the reasons why the Retreat Yourself Box was borne where subscribers get to discover some amazing products that then act as the tools to living a healthier life. The bonus is the educational information that comes with each box and I love that Retreat Yourself provides ideas around how to craft either a simple ritual or a day spa experience. Find out more about the Retreat Yourself box here


for the object lover

OK, anything Dinosaur Designs is going to rock your world and this brand is synonymous with handcrafted organic forms where colour and form reign. I love pretty much everything about Dinosaur Designs, but it’s their objects that I’m most drawn to.  I personally own three Dinosaur Designs pieces and use them professionally in photo shoots but I also get to live with them every single day. It’s an Australian brand that I recommend to clients because of the beauty of the resin, it’s handcrafted nature, the breadth of colours and how it either sits in a space as a singular, or fits with other objects to create a vignette. Get ready to drool over the goodies you’re going to find at Dinosaur Designs here.


for the plant lover

For the plant lovers in your life you cannot go past the unique and beautiful selection of planters on offer from The Plant Society. I have a slight obsession with planters and I’m always on the hunt for something out of the ordinary. So when I say, this is no ordinary collection of planters, it’s no ordinary collection of planters! We’re talking shapes, colour, materials that are unique and architectural and reference the Australian landscape. I just added the Flute planter in salt which goes beautifully with my Italian Clay coloured fence. The hard part is going to be which one you want to gift and which one to keep for yourself! Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of Green by Jason Chongue while you’re there especially if you’re just starting out. Find out more about The Plant Society here.


for the pet owner

For the animal lovers in your life you cannot go past the crazy goodness from Dharf. Cute bow ties, boho bandanas and fancy t-shirt collars are just the start of the selection on offer. I discovered Dharf some 9 years ago when I lived in Sydney and completely hated the fact that I had to disconnect the lead from the collar to loop it around a pole when I needed to tie Missy up to run into a shop. It was Dharf’s cafe lead that got my attention but it was the bow ties that just topped it off for me.  Find out more about Dharf here.


for the toxin free lover

I can’t tell you how many natural, toxin free deodorants I tried before I found the goodness that is Exposed Naturals. If you’ve ever ventured down this path, like me, you might have found out that a lot of toxin free deodorants just really suck. Some of them are actually hard to use, some of them stink, some of them make you stink more than you really should, some of them dry out really quickly and the list of badness can go on and on. So, when I found this bad boy, of course I was skeptical but after the first use I was hooked. Easy to apply, the smell is simply divine, it works even working out. I’ve tried both on offer, but my favourite is definitely the Charcoal and Magnesium. The best part is that this is an Australian Made toxin free deodorant, that works! Find out more about Exposed Naturals here.


for the daily rituals lover

For the daily rituals lover, a gift from Orchard St. would fill them with simple happiness. Whilst their offerings of ways to wellness include the Apothecary and cleansing juices, it’s the daily rituals that gets my attention. If you’re wanting to weave the sacred art of self-care into your daily life, Orchard St. has a beautifully curated selection of crystals, candles, incense and copperware that look just as good styled into a vignette as they are to use. My personal favourites, and ones that I’ve added to my collection are the rose quartz crystal, amethyst and copper tongue cleaner. Find out more about Orchard St here.

The 2021 Dulux Colour Forecast is all about introducing soothing tones into the home. Expressed as three tonal palettes, there’s an emphasis on natural colours and textures for comfort and security, with moments of stronger colour to brighten our outlook and wellbeing. 

Whilst the Forecast for 2020 was about creating a sanctuary away from the demands of life, about reconnecting with ourselves and disconnecting with technology, 2021 is about embracing our homes as the epicentre of our lives. Needs must, given the abrupt change in early 2020.

The Dulux Colour Forecast is an annual report that looks at current cultural trends set to impact design over the coming year. In response to the pandemic, the 2021 forecast reflects the desire for reassurance and strength, with three nurturing palettes that speak of familiarity and comfort. ‘This year’s soft, earthy neutrals, muted greens and gentle mauve-greys provide a reassuring connection with nature, while richer and brighter hues, such as coral and stormy blue, awaken our senses and allow for moments of optimism,’ says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux colour and communications manager.

The warm whites, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues of the Retreat palette are a reaction to the current instability of the world, offering a sense of familiarity and refuge. This palette is also indicative of the increasingly blurred lines between work and home, encouraging unpredictable material and colour combinations such as burgundy and deep ocean blue. ‘We need flexible spaces that can multi-task as spaces to conduct our professional lives and perform household tasks, however, at the same time, we need our homes to provide balance, calm and a sense of comfort and security,’ says Andrea.

The Nourish palette features mossy and sage greens, turmeric and citrus that play into the collective longing for earthly connection, as technology use increases. Gentle, buff neutrals and touches of tan, soft olive and muted ochre capture our renewed appreciation for natural beauty. Nourish encourages us to unplug and be present in the moment; a palette that revitalises the home and nourishes the soul. 

Finally, the Reset palette contains uplifting hues of blue-green, energetic reds and contrasting neutrals to brighten our outlook as we adapt to home life. Playful mash-ups of pink and terracotta hint at 70s nostalgia and evoke memories of travel and fun.

See more from the Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 here.

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