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Christmas Wish List Ideas 2020

Christmas Wish List Ideas 2020

I've rounded up some of the best Christmas and Holiday Gift ideas for 2020. For the skin lover, plant lover, pet lover and everything in between I'm sharing with you some marvellous gifts, with most of them Australian made so you can show your support and shop local. How cool is that!

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Trentini Design Studio

My journey to becoming an interior designer

My journey to becoming an interior designer hasn't been an easy one but it's taught me a lot about myself. From self-doubt and the classic feelings of being a fraud to developing the confidence that has seen me develop into a multi-award winning interior designer. 

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Balgownie House by Trentini Design. Photography Amanda Prior.

Award Winning Balgownie House

Balgownie House wins a second gong awarded MUSE Design Awards 2020 Silver Winner. I'm sharing what happened during this project and why this win was worth it.

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Flat pack kitchen hacks for a designer kitchen. Interior Design Port Macquarie

flat pack kitchens with a designer look

Flat pack kitchens are an excellent option to consider for your renovation, particularly if you're looking for a more budget conscious choice. If you're handy with the tools this is a great way to save on budget and take care of a big chunk of the work yourself. Here are some ways I've been able to get a designer look when using a flat pack solution. 

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Interior Designer Trentini Design. Top 10 holiday home tips

Holiday Home design tips

If you're in an enviable position of owning a holiday home, you want to make the most of every single second you spend there. It's like you've just added a dream on top of a dream right there. Just because you add the word 'holiday' in front of the word 'home' doesn't mean you should give this home any less attention than the one that you live in most of the time. Make some good choices now and you'll enjoy making memories in your holiday home for years to come. 

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Interior Design Port Macquarie. Renovation budget.

Top 5 questions to ask before renovating

Renovation shows are fun to watch and they make it look all so easy. In reality, they rarely show the meticulous months of planning that goes into a renovation before the first hit of the hammer to start the demolition. Planning is the key to any renovation and whilst it'll feel like you're planning for months and months before you even begin the renovation, once you're in the thick of it, you'll thank yourself you took the time. Along with planning, costing everything out before you begin will help with a smoother renovation process. Here's a great list of questions to ask yourself before you renovate.

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Designing your dream home for kids and pets

designing for kids and pets

Designing for kids and pets, and creating a family friendly home doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't mean you have to put off renovating until the little ones are older. If you have kids or pets then you know it takes a little more care and attention plus a good routine to keep your home neat and tidy. If you’re renovating or building a new home, designing with kids and pets in mind can be tackled using two broad strategies to make sure that your dream home remains your dream home. Planning for your storage needs and choosing the right finishes are the two areas I concentrate on when it comes to designing with kids and pets in mind.

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Interior Designer Port Macquarie. Dulux Colour Forecast 2021.

Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Every year we look forward to the Dulux Colour Forecast – an annual report revealing current cultural trends set to influence design choices for the coming year. This year’s forecast worked a little differently. As most European design and architecture shows (where research for the Colour Forecast is usually conducted) were cancelled, the 2021 report is underpinned by new sources, including numerous virtual updates, and engagements with local and international brands.

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Creating wellness at home with Kezza Kat

Creating wellness within your home

Creating wellness within ourselves is not new and neither is creating wellness within the home. Whilst I look for ways in which the design of the home can support wellness for those that occupy the space, my amazing friend Kezza Kat from Fearless Yoga shares her practical advice on creating wellness within the home. Be FEARLESS, create a home your heart desires. Be present, live in the moment and live a mindful living lifestyle.

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Interior Designer Port Macquarie. Bathroom renovation on a small budget

Small budget bathroom renovation

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home second only to the kitchen. The design and aesthetics of the bathroom can have a huge impact on how you begin and end your day and as such we are seeing the focus shift from one of pure function to spa-like amenities that respect the ritual of bathing. Even if you have a small budget, there are ways you can achieve a modern designer bathroom.

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Interior Design Port Macquarie. Bedroom Design Basics 101

Bedroom Design Basics

This year, I was lucky enough to visit the gorgeous Southern Highlands area where open fireplaces invited conversation and cups of tea, layering up during the day and snuggling down into a warm bed at night was the daily routine. I was reminded of that time recently when I began working on a project for a parents retreat, that was going to turn out a nightmare, rather than a retreat.

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Neutral colours. Interior Designer Port Macquarie

Five of my favourite neutral colours

Like every interior designer, I have my go-to favourite neutral paint colours that work in a variety of settings that I think you’ll find useful in cutting down the decision making process. Here, I'm sharing my top five neutral paint colours to give you a head start in choosing your own.

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Traffic flow, clearances and space planning. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

Traffic flow, clearances and space planning

Understanding traffic flow and mapping it out on your plans will help you identify and correct errors before you start any work on your project. Understanding how each space works at its most efficient gives you clear insight into how you’re going to use the space.

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Small space design lessons. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

Small space design lessons

Working on small spaces is always interesting because it challenges the designer to become creative, to think outside the box and to adapt ideas from grand proportions, all with the aim of appearing effortless. We can learn a lot from the tiny house movement, from its adaptability, to its multi-purpose space saving design ideas, and a whole lot more.

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Interior Design Port Macquarie. Tidy home tidy mind.

Tidy home, tidy mind

When the home is messy, it’s really difficult to feel relaxed and it doesn’t feel good to be in. Likewise, when my mind is messy, it’s impossible to relax, I feel scattered and it’s really the last place that I want to be. Taking care of my home, creating and providing a nurturing environment that says I care about myself not only gets the house into tip top shape but the mind as well.

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small bathroom design ideas. Trentini Design Interior Designer.

Small bathroom design ideas

Working on small spaces is always interesting because it challenges the designer to become creative, to think outside the box and to adapt ideas from grand proportions, all with the aim of appearing effortless. The key to a good design in a small space is to remove visual clutter and incorporate considered items with a minimal palette of materials and colours. This doesn’t mean your bathroom will be boring, it just means restraining the palette to achieve a better sense of space.

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Interior Design Studio. Trentini Design Interior Designer.

Interior Design Studio behind the scenes

That glamorous end result you see in magazines or on social media takes weeks and months of planning and hard work. Hours in front of a computer, hours of research, telephone calls, procurement and the list goes on. So, I thought I’d share with you a couple of behind the scenes, from projects that are either on the go right now, or presentations have happened and the project is underway. 

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Design a sanctuary in your home. Interior Designer Trentini Design.

3 practical tips to create your sanctuary

I’ve always beat the drum that the home is a sanctuary, a place you can be your true self and whilst this hasn’t changed, what I realised was I was talking about the end product, rather than practical steps on how you can get there. I’m going to right that wrong now!

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Flat pack hacks for a designer look. Interior Design Port Macquarie.

Flat pack hacks for a designer look

Homeowners use flat pack solutions to save on costs but worry that the end result is going to look obviously like a flat pack solution. With a little bit of creativity, the humble flat pack hack can quietly take on a designer look. They’re versatile, and it’s one of the reasons why so many homeowners love them!

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Our interior design workshop gives you the tools to identify your design style, express the feeling you want to set for your home through visual language and the confidence to shop without anxiety

Create wellness in your home. Interior Design Trentini Design.

How to create wellness in your home

Our homes are one of the strongest support systems for our busy lives, yet quite often they’re not given the attention they deserve. Our homes should be sanctuaries from the chaos that exists outside, a retreat that reflects our journey through life.

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Is having an interior designer a luxury? Interior Design Port Macquarie.

Is having an interior designer a luxury?

I’ve struggled with this very question for as long as I’ve been an interior designer and the story I told myself was really shaped by others experiences. When I was in design school in 2011, it was only a couple of years after the GFC and the ramifications were still being felt. My teachers were of the opinion that designers were the first to be ditched when times got tough. Maybe they were. What I'm seeing is that homeowners are opening their eyes to the value a professional interior designer brings to a project.

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Bathroom renovations that fit your existing home. Interior Designer Trentini Design.

Sympathetic bathroom renovations

If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to keep it within the style of the rest of your home you may want to think about using neutral materials or draw inspiration from existing materials or colours and bring those into the bathroom. However you do it, just keep in mind what’s already in the home and what element you’ll want to bring into the space.

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styled looks for the home. interior designer port macquarie.

styled looks for the home

When you’re bringing together a styled look in the home, seeing furniture pieces, decorative accessories and materials in-situ should give you a quick understanding of the feeling it would evoke in your home. I’ve put together some styled spaces that you can use as a starting point, plus you can click through and see the furniture and decorative accessories used to create the look!

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Me Time. Carve out a corner for wellness. Interior Designer. Trentini Design.

How to carve out a me time corner

Carving out a 'me time' space within your home for you to take 5 minutes for yourself is completely doable and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be a permanent set up either.

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Timeless Design. Interior Design Port Macquarie. Trentini Design.

How to achieve a timeless design

If you want your home to be fresh and relevant today, and for years to come, then timeless design could be the style you’ve been looking for. Timeless design is lasting rather than temporary and at its core functionality enables the design to embrace both its space and environment.

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Baron Cottage by Trentini Design. Photography Amanda Prior.

Redesigning the Baron Cottage

Renovating the Baron Cottage was challenging and required meticulous space planning to create a modern family home. When homeowners are willing to trust the design process, magic like the Baron Cottage can happen.

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What's your design style. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

What’s your design style?

If you already know what your design style is then Pinterest is really effective for nutting out those finer details of your project. If you don’t know what your design style is Pinterest can be mind-boggling. And when there’s an overwhelming amount of spaces and rooms that you like, how are you meant to know which one is going to suit your home? If you’re just starting out and have no idea what your aesthetic or design style is then this is the perfect guide to get you started.

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Improve the vibe at home with these 8 ways. Interior Design Port Macquarie.

Improve the vibe in your home today with these 8 ideas

Increasing the vibe in your home right now is probably more important since we began COVID-19 isolation measures here in Australia. A lot of us are working from home, schooling from home and generally spending more time at home. I’ve put together a list of 8 ways that you can easily improve the vibe right now in your home that are cost effective and easy to implement. 

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Interior Design Trends 2020. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

Interior Design Trends 2020

Do a quick google search ‘interior design trends 2020’ and you’re bombarded with information. Filtering through the forecasts of what’s IN and what’s OUT I’ve picked five of my favourite trends for 2020. Let’s take a look!

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Functionality in the home. Interior Design Port Macquarie.

Functionality in the home

The function of a space may seem obvious and quite simple at first but when you factor in how you and your family live in the space and what your daily routine is, it becomes clear that functionality is determined by lifestyle and habits.

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Guests feel at home. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

Make your guests feel at home

As a seasoned traveller to family members homes I’ve learnt how to slot into my new temporary home with ease and little fuss. Packing the essentials often means I leave some of my creature comforts at home. Here are my top tips to creating that home away from home.

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Tiny home design. Small homes. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

Tiny home design ideas

Tiny homes are nothing new, but in Australia our thirst for ever-increasing oversized homes means we’ve turned a blind eye to the benefits of small spaces. Whilst they have their challenges, living in a small space doesn’t mean you miss out on a big luxe life.

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Stress of renovation. Interior Designer Port Macquarie.

Stress of a renovation

Despite all the best laid plans, things can go wrong when you’re renovating. Yes, even though I’m a professional and this is what I do for a living! Let me tell you a story that really raised my stress levels and had me reaching for the lavender oil.

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Trentini Design Studio

What it’s really like to work with a designer

Working with an interior designer should be fun and exciting! A good interior designer will be able to interpret all of your wants and needs into a space that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful; then they’ll take it that one step further creating spaces that allow you to relax and unwind in a way that you never quite imagined.

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Kathryn Trentini Interior Designer Port Macquarie. Trentini Design Interior Design

Why I became an interior designer

I get asked why I became an interior designer all the time! And seriously, I've never have a good answer because I've never actually thought about. It felt as though it's something I've always wanted to do. Until I went back and searched my life history and experiences did I understand the real reason why I became an interior designer.

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